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Women's Bestseller


Great range of perfumes. Very helpful staff. Beautiful packaging. Reasonably priced. Will definitely be back.

Gerardine Hickey

The store is amazing! They have so many scents to choose from, the staff are so so so friendly and very helpful. They helped me find the exact scent I was looking for. It’s reasonably priced and even comes with a free sample of another perfume you’d like to try. I got the cherry cherry perfume and this is the best perfume I’ve ever bought I love it so so so much! And I got a second sample of this Vanilla scented one which I also love and will be getting at another time!

Tracey Hayes

Beautiful shop. Assistant was really helpful. He looked up the perfume I wear at the moment to find the same notes in their scent. I bought zayra vanilla and I love it. Would definitely recommend a visit.

Ann Davin Murphy

Very nice choice of good perfumes, and excellent customer service. Very happy with my choice, they smell so much better on body in some time.

Kristina M.

Fabulous shop and excellent customer service. Every scent is very unique and luxurious. Very long lasting perfumes. Will definitely be a returning customer!

Agnes Zsikai

Bought my perfume today and absolutely adore the fragrance . I always wear unisex scents and the OUD TOUCH ticks all the boxes . Price point was very reasonable for an 80ml bottle the owners and staff where lovely. I wish them all the best ?

Pam O Riordan

If you’re looking for any type of Fragrance where it be sexy, fresh or wood scented they have them all. All for cheap prices aswell. Won’t look back at named brands.

Jay Ryan

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Why Choose Us

  • Certified authenticity

    We take pride in bringing the authentic essence of
    Middle Eastern craftsmanship and tradition closer to you in Ireland. Each
    bottle encapsulates the spirit of certified oriental perfumes, 100% made in

  • A fragrance for every story

    A Fragrance for Every Story: Just like the rich
    mosaic of landscapes and history in Ireland, our collection features a diverse
    range of Arab perfumes, each evoking a unique story. We aim to creat a personalized experience, hence
    our team of experts will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect
    scent based on your preference and mood, creating an exciting fragrant journey
    that depicts every chapter of your life. 

  • Premium experience

    element of our perfumes presents a meticulously crafted experience to
    perfection. From the exceptional blend of ingredients, to the opulent
    packaging, every aspect is carefully curated to exude an unparalleled level of
    luxury that will bring your senses to new heights.

  • Local convenience

    Conveniently located in the heart of Ireland, our
    store brings closer the
    enchanting world of oriental perfumes, providing seamless access to the aromas
    that are continents away. Every aspect is handpicked to welcome you to a hassle-free
    shopping experience.

  • Exceptional customer service

    Our commitment to exceptional customer service sets
    us apart. Whether you're seeking guidance in selecting the perfect fragrance or
    require assistance after your purchase, our knowledgeable and friendly staff are
    here to ensure your satisfaction every step of the way.