How we discovered the secret of Arabian perfumes

How we discovered the secret of Arabian perfumes

Draw passion from each bottle and allow a tradition-laden mystery to inspire you. 

My passion for fragrances has allowed me to unravel traditions laden with mystery and, simultaneously, inspired me to embark on a journey through unique scents. It all began with a chance stroll through a small bazaar in the heart of Dubai's old town, where oriental fragrances instantly captivated me.

Since then, I've been curious to uncover the secret of each perfume and retell its story in a different way. As life always offers unexpected experiences, I decided to carry this fragrant tale of Dubai in the heart of charming Ireland. I delighted in discovering the openness of the locals to new experiences and the enthusiasm they show when trying a different perfume. 

Oriental perfumes are diverse, and their secret lies in the emotion within each bottle, which I've learned how to present and, above all, transmit. The experience of a new perfume is like self-discovery. Just as in each stage of life, we discover interesting things about ourselves, so meeting a new perfume can be another doorway to uncovering a new answer about oneself. 

The connection with the right perfume is like a meeting in which both the perfumer and the wearer participate, and only a true master in the art of perfumery knows how to match it. The entire creation process is unique for each perfume—a complete symphony of the most mysterious, persistent, and intense ingredients. 


Why is each Arabian perfume unique, and what secrets do perfumers hold? 

When you set your eyes on a bottle of Arabian perfume, remember that you're not just buying a fragrance, but a story, an experience, and a journey through time. It's a precious secret passed down through generations, inviting you to discover the beauty and richness of an ancient culture.

The secret lies not only in the ingredients used but also in how they are selected, combined, and fermented to achieve the perfect aromas. Perfumers carefully guard techniques such as the prolonged maceration of ingredients in carrier oils to optimally extract the essence of each olfactory note. 

The secret of a perfume isn't the aromas but the story that each perfumer knows in detail and subsequently teaches you to feel. 

The secret of each oriental perfume It's not about how it smells; it's about how it makes you feel! 

A story about a perfume